Consider the data you hope to gather or distribute and how you will capture and process it. Will users manually enter all data, or can any data be prepopulated in the form?
Your primary design objective should be to satisfy the needs of the people who use your forms. The clearer your goals, the better the form design.
Consider creating fragments for logos, headers, address blocks, and footers that can be shared among form designs.
A form should be easy to use. A simple layout with clear, meaningful captions will make the form easier to understand. Forms can validate user input and supply prompts to assist users who enter data. If LiveCycle Forms ES is available, some of the information can be filled in ahead of time through merged data. In addition, scripts attached to objects can calculate numeric values automatically at run time. If you are adept at scripting, you can also develop scripts to process or route data and forms automatically from the click of a button.

Plan the form design