Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer ES is a point-and-click graphical form design tool that simplifies the creation of forms. Form recipients can fill a form online, submit the data, and print it, or print and fill the form by hand. You can design a form, define its logic, and modify it to match paper counterparts or to meet strict legislative requirements. Form developers can use Designer ES to create applications that generate dynamic, data-driven documents and produce customized business documents for print, web, or archival. Using Guide Builder, form developers can create interactive data capture applications by leading users through a series of visually appealing and streamlined panels, thereby improving usability and reducing data entry errors.
You can also build and maintain data capture solutions that read from, validate against, and add to corporate data sources. With Designer ES, you can integrate PDF documents into existing workflows by binding forms to XML schemas, XML sample files, databases, and web services.
Forms and documents that are created in Designer ES can be merged with business data and rendered as a number of file types, including Adobe PDF, HTML, SWF, and printing for PCL, Adobe PostScript® and Zebra (ZPL) printers.
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