Using Hyphenation options, users (form authors and developers) can give text a more appealing visual flow by automatically adding hyphens to words in a form to force line breaks. Hyphenation is optimized based on line metrics such as spacing and font size, as well as linguistic information to determine where various words can be legally and optimally hyphenated.
Enhanced to make it easier for you to view and change tabbing order in a form design. The new Tab Order palette displays a numbered list of all the objects on the form, where each number represents the position of the object within the tabbing order. The palette also displays visual markers in the list; for example, it displays a range of numbers to indicate objects within a fragment reference.
Apply HTTP/HTTPS or message-level (SOAP) or both types of authentication to the WSDL data connection you are creating, as well as select the types of credentials to accept for verification.
Improved workflow between Designer ES and Acrobat. If you start the form design process in Acrobat, you no longer need to add an email submit button to a form design to distribute the form. When you close the form design, Designer ES automatically prompts you about distributing the form.

New features in Designer ES