Use this dialog box to dynamically bind form object properties to values from a data source. This enables you to dynamically populate form object properties, such as the list items for a drop-down list or list box, with values from a data source.
To display this dialog box, ensure active labels are on, select the form object property that has dynamic data binding attached to it, and click one of the following active labels:
Specifies the data connection you want to use for the dynamic data binding. If you are not already connected to a data source, Default Data Binding is the only selection in the Data Connection list.
This option is available when you click the active label for List Items and Specify Item Values for Drop-down Lists and List Boxes. In addition, for OLEDB data connections, the Items box is not available. Use the Item Text and Item Value boxes to select the data base columns to use to populate the list.
Specifies the data value that is submitted to the data source. The bindings that you can pick are descendants of the set of nodes selected in the Items box. This box is optional. If you leave this blank, the Item Text is submitted to the data source.
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