Prompts you for a view. If the InfoPath file has only one view, a prompt will not display even if you select this option.
Specifies the name of the view to convert. To convert the default view, leave the box blank. If the Prompt To Select View During Conversion option is selected, this option is ignored.
Imports headers and footers, page orientation, and page margins of the InfoPath form. If you select the Import Print Settings option, the page size and orientation are taken from the InfoPath form and you do not have to select the page size and orientation.
When any option other than Do Not Log is selected, Digital Signatures ES creates a log file (*.log) using the name and location that you select. The log file records information about the conversion process and can be read using any ASCII text editor.
When selected, converts images in the InfoPath file and embeds them in the converted form. If you leave the option deselected, Digital Signatures ES does not convert the images but inserts placeholders for them.
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