If the Word file is protected (users can enter data only into designated areas) and requires that you enter a password to remove the protection, type the password into this box.
Digital Signatures ES detects whether the Word file contains fonts that are not available on your computer. To deal with this issue, you can either install the missing fonts or set up appropriate font-substitution rules in Word. When this option is selected, Digital Signatures ES substitutes the missing fonts with an available font and all font-substitution error messages are suppressed.
When selected, converts images and embeds them in the converted form. If you leave the option deselected, Digital Signatures ES does not convert the images but inserts placeholders for them.
When selected, Digital Signatures ES ensures the layout is flowed.
When any option other than Do Not Log is selected, Digital Signatures ES creates a log file (*.log) in the location that you select. The log file records information about the conversion process and can be read using any ASCII text editor. The log file name includes the name of the form file.
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