Prints the selected form design on the specified printer. If the option Print Form with Data is not selected, LiveCycle Designer ES prints the Design View or the Master Pages view, which ever is currently open.
The options that display in the Printer and Print range sections of the dialog box depend on the printer that your computer is connected to. For more information about your printer’s options, see the printer documentation.
If you are working in LiveCycle Workbench ES, you can use the Print button on the LiveCycle Designer ES toolbar to access the complete set of print options that are available in the standalone version of LiveCycle Designer ES. If the Print toolbar button is not visible, you can add it to your toolbar by selecting Tools > Customize > Commands and then dragging the Print icon from the File category to one of the LiveCycle Designer ES toolbars.
Selecting this option allows you to print a final version of the current form design to the selected printer. You can optionally choose to print the form design with a specified data file. LiveCycle Designer ES merges the form design with the data file to produce a complete document on the selected printer.
Allows you to specify the data file to use when printing a form design with data. The data file must be in standard XML format. You can type the path to the data file in the Data File box or browse to the file.
Select this option to generate the sample form data to use when printing a form design. When you print the form design, it will be merged with the sample data. You can also indicate how many times to repeat a repeating subform in the printed form design.
Select this option to print forms that will be printed on both sides of the paper. If the printer does not support two-sided printing, the Single-Sided Print options appear instead.
Allows you to specify the device configuration file that will define the format of the output. The drop-down list displays several configuration files installed with LiveCycle Designer ES, as well as any that you add to the LiveCycle Designer ES installed folder. The list shows the name of the XDC file in square brackets, preceded by a more descriptive name (for example, PCL – Black & White [hppcl5e].

Print dialog box