It’s that time again. In addition to everything else filling your work day, you have been asked to pull out last year’s questionnaire and survey co-workers about the company picnic. Once again, you are faced with the task of updating and distributing the survey, collecting the completed and printed surveys, issuing countless reminders for feedback, and finally, compiling and manually entering the responses into a spreadsheet.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create an electronic copy of the survey that you could then send out to your co-workers? Each co-worker could directly fill the survey and then email the information back to you just by clicking a button right in the form. In this tutorial, you will do just that.
This tutorial takes you through the process of creating an office picnic survey form that includes a Submit By Email button which, when clicked by the person filling the form, emails the information back to you.
This tutorial makes use of the New Form Assistant. In order to access the New Form Assistant and complete this tutorial, you need to use LiveCycle Designer ES in standalone mode. The New Form Assistant is not available in LiveCycle Workbench ES.
Livecycle picnic survey Creating an office function survey form
Using LiveCycle Designer ES, you create a form design. In the form design, you specify the layout and data capture rules for the finished form. When you are finished, you save the form design in PDF. This is the form that you distribute to the people who will fill the form.

Creating an office function survey form