Livecycle ponopodate selected Creating a fragment
Livecycle createfragmentcommand Creating a fragment
In the Name box, type PO Info as the name for the fragment.
Type Purchase Order Number and Date as the description of the fragment.
Leave the Replace Selection With Reference To New Form Fragment option selected so that the P.O. Number and P.O. Date Text Field objects in the form design will be replaced with the new form fragment.
Save the form design as My PO Interactive.PDF.
Notice that the look of the P.O. Number and P.O. Date objects has changed. The change is because a reference to the newly created PO Info fragment has replaced the objects.
A fragment icon appears in the upper-left corner of a fragment reference and uses the color of the object boundary borders. The objects within a fragment reference have gray borders to indicate that you cannot edit them from the fragment reference.
Livecycle ponopodate fraginform Creating a fragment
Clicking anywhere within a fragment reference selects it, and dragging anywhere on a fragment reference moves it. You cannot select any of the objects in a fragment reference.
Livecycle designer quickstart fragments.11.4.4 Creating a fragment
You can move a fragment reference and its contents in the Hierarchy palette in the same way that you move other form objects. However, you cannot drag objects into a fragment reference.

Creating a fragment