You are tasked with creating a collection of forms. From experience, you know that the first form that you create normally involves some trial and error before you get it just right. However, after you create that first form, you begin to find areas where you can create shortcuts to speed up and improve the process so that the remaining forms you create go together much faster.
For example, you discover that the majority of the forms you are creating include a delivery address part. Instead of creating the delivery address subform in each new form, you copy the first delivery address subform you created and paste it into a separate XDP file. That way, you can easily copy the delivery address subform and paste it into the other forms that you create. When you have to change the delivery address part, either you make the change in every form, or you make the change in the separate XDP file and then replace the delivery address part in every form.
In LiveCycle Designer ES, these resusable parts are called fragments, and instead copying the part from a separate file each time you need to use the part, you can insert a reference to the required fragment and the fragment appears in the form. Then, when you update a fragment, all forms that reference the fragment reflect the changes.
In this tutorial, you will learn about creating and using fragments to simplify the process of creating collections of forms. Before you start, you may want to view a video tutorial that walks you through the steps of working with form fragments. See Form Fragments Video Tutorial.

Creating and using fragments