One of the main advantages of fragments is that you can add them to many forms, but when you need to make a change, you only need to make it in one place. In this section, we will edit the PO Info fragment.
First, you will add the fragment to the Purchase Order Dynamic Interactive.pdf form so that you can see the effect on more than one form design when you edit the PO Info fragment.
In the LiveCycle Workbench ES Resources view, select the PO Info file that contains the fragment you created earlier.
Save the form design as My PO Dynamic Interactive.PDF.
Right-click the PO Info fragment reference and select Fragments > Edit Fragment. The PO Info fragment source file opens in LiveCycle Workbench ES and you can now edit the fragment.
Replace P.O. Number with P.O. No.
Livecycle ponopodate edit Editing a fragment
You have just learned how to create and modify a fragment. In addition, you can convert a fragment reference to an embedded object or create an override on a fragment reference that only affects the fragment reference in the current form. For more information, see To convert a fragment reference to an embedded object and Fragment reference overrides.

Editing a fragment