There are two ways to preview form guide content. You can preview a panel layout in the right pane, or you can preview the form guide by clicking the Preview tab at the top of the expanded Guide Builder view.
When you click the Preview tab, Guide Builder renders your form guide as a SWF file and displays the SWF file in your default web browser.
If scripting errors occur, you can turn off all scripting in your form guide and restart the preview. To preview the form guide without using any scripting, select the Exclude Scripting option and click Restart Preview.
The Include PDF Preview option generates a PDF of the form design as well as the form guide. Users can then click the PDF icon in the rendered form guide to open the PDF form. All changes that the user makes to the PDF form are persisted in the form guide and vice versa.
At the top of the Preview tab, Guide Builder displays any warnings or errors with a description and the template and guide location. Clicking the location number opens an accordion and displays the location where the error and warning occurred.
Displays the XML source for the XDP form design. You can also view this information on the XML Source tab in Designer ES.
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