About LiveCycle Process Management ES
Adobe LiveCycle Process Management ES lets users design, manage, and optimize human-centric processes. Using LiveCycle Process Management ES, users can also manage automated business-process applications that connect systems and people.
LiveCycle Process Management ES offers the following features:
Task management routes work (tasks) to end users through their assigned queues. It coordinates tasks submitted through LiveCycle Workspace ES.
LiveCycle Process Management ES provides the capability to create and receive events that occur in processes. It stores events and delivers them to the interested parties as defined in the system through callbacks to event handlers.
LiveCycle Workspace ES
LiveCycle Workspace ES is a web application that lets end users initiate and participate in form-based business processes by using a web browser. Using LiveCycle Workspace ES, users can perform these tasks:
In the development environment, you can use Adobe Flex™ Builder™ to customize the LiveCycle Workspace ES web interface that end users see. This allows you to ensure that the user interface is customized to meet user requirements.
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About LiveCycle Process Management ES