When you are choosing the fonts to use when creating a form, it is important to remember that not all of the fonts that are installed with LiveCycle Designer ES are installed with Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Consequently, when a user opens a form in Acrobat that uses unavailable fonts, the missing fonts are substituted, which can cause the layout of the form to change from the original design in LiveCycle Designer ES. To prevent this effect, either form users can install the missing fonts on their computers or the form designer can select the Embed Fonts option to embed the fonts into the saved PDF form.
However, forms with a smaller file size can be rendered more quickly than forms with a larger file size. To minimize the file size, you must keep the number of fonts to a minimum and avoid using fonts that must be embedded to prevent font substitution.
Consequently, the following fonts are always available in Acrobat and Adobe Reader, and do not need to be embedded to prevent font substitution:
Kozuka Gothic Pro-VI M (KozGoPro VI-Medium.otf) and Kozuka Mincho Pro-VI R (KozMinProVI-Regular.otf). Available in Adobe Reader when the Japanese Language Package is installed
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