Use hyphenation to improve text alignment in a given area by reducing the amount of white (empty) space between the last word on a line and the right margin. If a word is too long to fit entirely on a single line, the word is hyphenated at the proper hyphenation point, which forces a line break as close to the right margin as possible. Hyphenation makes each line of text approximately the same length to give the text a more uniform layout. LiveCycle Designer ES uses a hyphenation dictionary, metrics such as line spacing and font size, as well as other linguistic information to determine where various words can be legally and optimally hyphenated.
You can hyphenate the text in text objects, in the caption area of objects such as text fields, decimal fields, and numeric fields, and in the value area of text field objects (default text and text the form filler enters). For example, you can indicate the number of letters to allow in a word before it can be hyphenated; hyphenate capitalized words, such as the first word of a sentence; hyphenate words that are all capital letters, such as acronyms; and add or remove all hyphenation from the form.
Use the options in this dialog box to specify default hyphenation settings for all new forms. Changing theses options does not affect the currently opened form.
Use the options in this dialog box to specify hyphenation settings for the currently opened form only.
When you create a form, the Form Properties dialog box automatically inherits the default hyphenation settings for new forms from the Tools Options dialog box. To create a form that has different hyphenation settings or to change the default settings in an existing form, use the Form Properties dialog box. The settings in the Form Properties dialog box override the settings in the Options dialog box for the current form. When you change the hyphenation settings in the Forms Properties dialog box for the current form, the settings in the Options dialog box (for new forms) do not change.
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